Which Phone is Waterproof? Samsung Galaxy A52 5G or F52 5G?

Samsung is bombarding the smartphone market with more smartphones than ever. Currently, Samsung is filling the space in each and every market as well as price margins. Be it Online, Local stores, Budget to Flagship, Samsung has a dedicated lineup of smartphones for each segment. Out of which, we are going to see specifically two of the midrange smartphones in this article, the A52 5G and the F52 5G.

Both of the 5G smartphones target the midrange market. Featuring a Snapdragon 750G chipset along with Adreno 619 GPU both of them are definitely something to consider for gaming. Although in the camera department, both of them feature a quad-camera setup with a 64MP primary shooter. The F52 has an 8MP Ultra-wide lens, whereas the other one features a 12MP Ultra-wide lens. Sadly, considering the price point, it’s very disappointing for the F52 to feature only a TFT display. At least the A52 5G features a Super AMOLED display.

Which Phone is Waterproof? Samsung Galaxy A52 5G or F52 5G? 1

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and F52 5G IP ratings

Of course, that’s the reason you are here for right? But at first, what is an IP rating, you might ask? IP rating or Ingress Protection rating defines how resistant your device is to water or dust. To claim a phone to be waterproof, you should at least have an IP68 rating on it. Most of the flagships phones from Samsung, like the S21, have IP68 ratings making them waterproof. But what about the midrange phones we are currently talking about?

To begin with, the F52 smartphone doesn’t even come with an official IP rating.  Making it not waterproof or water-resistant “Officially”. Whereas the A52 5G phone comes with an IP 67 rating, which makes it a water-resistant phone officially. This rating means that the phone is capable of being waterproof for at least 30 minutes inside water depth up to 1 meter.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and F52 vs Waterproof Test

To get a clear view, let’s put both of the phones against water and check the claims. At first, we thought of putting the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G into the water test. We tested with submerging the phone into a bowl of water for 1 minute. Since the build quality is somewhat good, the phone manages to work without any issues even after this test. Although this might not be the case in each and every situation. Since there is no IP rating officially, we cannot guarantee you that the phone will continue to work after falling into a pool. Although since most of the modern phones are splash resistance, you might not have to worry if you managed to get the phone out of the water as soon as possible.

Secondly, we tested the Galaxy A52 5G smartphone with a bowl of water. As expected, the phone worked completely fine even after the water test. Although this test doesn’t mean that you can start using your A52 smartphone underwater. Since the phone is just rated for water-resistant, you should expect it to work after water splashes like in case of rain. Although drying the phone completely is always recommended.

The waterproof test is purely based on individual/team observation. This test will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. So users are advised not to try this at home, as it might damage their device.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G or F52 5G, which one of them is waterproof?

To clarify this question, none of the smartphones that we are comparing are completely waterproof. None of them has the official IP rating to claim it. Although if we are speaking of which among them is water-resistant or waterproof to some extend, then the A52 5G would be the answer to the question. Since it has the “considered as waterproof” rating which is IP 67. This rating is common for most consumer products.

Even though the tests we performed say that both of the phones are capable of handling water splashes, that doesn’t mean the F52 is completely water-resistant. We advise you to avoid water contact on the phone to a very possible extent. In worst situations where you happen to drop the phone into water and pick it up quickly, you can expect the phone to work assuming you have completely dried the phone quickly after removing it from the contact to water.


So as you can see both Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and F52 5G are great phones for the price point. If you are really looking for a phone that could withstand water to a good extend, then you have to consider buying the galaxy A52 5G. Not only that, but it also has a better display as well as a better camera setup when compared with the F52. But the price difference between both of the phones might make it harder to choose it even more.


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