Revitalize Your Android and Wear OS Experience: 9 Exciting New Features to Try Now

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Google wants you to take advantage of the rejuvenation and growth that spring brings with your Wear OS smartwatches and Android smartphones. Nine new improvements that will improve your productivity, accessibility, connectivity, and enjoyment across all of your devices have been unveiled by the firm. These are a few of the events that this spring will not be missed.

Zoom in on Chrome without messing up the layout

With Chrome for Android, you may now enlarge a web page by up to 300% without affecting the content’s format or arrangement. This makes using the controls on your phone or tablet easier and more comfortable when reading text, seeing photos, watching movies, and interacting with them.

Annotate PDFs on Google Drive with a stylus or your finger

You may use your finger or a stylus to annotate PDFs on Google Drive for Android if you need to take notes, mark critical information, or offer feedback. To add clarity and expressiveness to your notes, you can select from a variety of ink strokes, colours, and tools. Your annotated papers can also be hidden, undone, deleted, or saved as a new copy.

Enjoy noise cancellation on Google Meet calls

There are now more Android smartphones that support Google Meet’s noise reduction capability, which is useful if you need to join a conference from a noisy location. With the help of this function, you can concentrate on the discussion and appear more professional by blocking out irritating background noises like traffic, construction, or lawnmowers while you speak.

Remix emoji and share them as stickers via Gboard 

You’ll adore the new emoji combinations that are available on Emoji Kitchen for Gboard if you enjoy using emojis to express yourself. Emojis can be combined and matched to make unique stickers that express your individuality, attitude, and sense of style. After that, you may use any app that accepts stickers to share them with your friends.

Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Chromebook with one tap

You may now connect your Chromebook to Bluetooth headphones with only one tap if you have any that support Fast Pair. Furthermore, your Chromebook will immediately establish a connection with your headphones if you have already configured them with your Android phone. This facilitates fluid device switching and seamless audio enjoyment.

You can get new bluetooth headphones if your old ones aren’t connecting to your phone smoothly. Since it offers a large selection of devices at discounted prices, the Walmart weekly ad is a wonderful place to start looking. There, a pair of Bluetooth headphones is available for $25.

Manage your notes and to-do lists with Google Keep widgets on Wear OS

You’ll love the new widgets coming to Wear OS by Google smartwatches if you use Google Keep to manage your chores and notes. Right from the watch face, you can access a single note widget that shows colours, photos, and reminders from the Keep app. With a single press on your watch face, you can also generate notes and to-do lists with two new shortcuts.

Customize your display and sound settings on Wear OS for better accessibility

You’ll be happy to learn that Wear OS from Google is adding additional sound and display settings to make using your smartwatch more comfortable if you have vision or hearing issues. Grayscale, color-correction, and mono audio modes are available for you to select based on your requirements and tastes.

Confirm your transactions with fun animations on Google Wallet

Soon, you’ll notice some amusing new animations that validate your transactions when you use Google Wallet to make in-store purchases using your phone. These animated features, which bring some pleasure and whimsy to your shopping experience, include happy penguins, flowers, balloons, and more.

Stay updated with the latest news and weather on Wear OS tiles 

Google has released new tiles for Wear OS that display the most recent news headlines from Google News and the current weather from Google Weather, allowing you to stay informed about events both locally and globally. These tiles are shown when you swipe left or right on your watch face; tap any one of them to see more information.

These are just a handful of the enhanced features that Google is planning to release for Android and Wear OS this spring. They are made to maximise productivity, increase enjoyment, and enable device customization. Now, test them out and see how they can enhance your Android and Wear OS experience.

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