Now ChatGPT will understand pictures also

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The most well-known name in technology is ChatGPT. The much-loved chatbot driven by artificial intelligence (AI), GPT-4, has been modified and released into the market by the American technology institute OpenAI. With this Tuesday-released version, ChatGPT will be more inventive and productive.

We introduced ChatGPT in November of 2022. It became well-known very fast. Since then, ChatGPT has been used by billions of people worldwide. A machine learning model is called ChatGPT. Any written inquiry can be answered by ChatGPTK with a human-like response. You are free to explain anything if you so choose. What is written by a computer programme is produced. He writes even when asked to write on any subject.

Now ChatGPT will understand pictures also

This chatbot has been using the GPT-3.5 version up till now. ChatGPT was only available as text in this version. However, the latest iteration of GPT-4 can also comprehend the content of photographs. For instance, given an image of cooking components, it can identify the type of dish that can be prepared with those ingredients. An image can have a description or caption written for it.

The upgraded GPT-4 ChatGPT version now offers an even better feature. Eight times more words can be understood at once by this version than by the previous one, up to 25,000 words.

With this new GPT-4 version, ChatGPT is reportedly more imaginative, according to OpenAI. able to carry out more tasks.

For the past six months, OpenAI claims to have been working nonstop to guarantee GPT-4’s security features. There has been instruction. The GPT-4 version does, however, have certain restrictions. It might nevertheless give false information in specific circumstances.

The revised GPT-4 version of ChatGPT Plus is now available to users. It costs $20 a month to use.

Microsoft’s brand-new Bing search engine now includes ChatGPT. Microsoft has already made significant financial investments in AI.

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