MIR4 DRACO To PHP Today’s Exchange Rate and Complete Chart (2023)

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Much like in Plant Vs. Undead (PVU), players in MIR4 can obtain Draco tokens, which can be exchanged for PHP or any other currency in the world. Once you have enough DRACO in MIR4, you may exchange them for your local currency, such as PHP, USD, INR, or any other currency, regardless of where you are from. Now, let’s see the full chart and exchange rate between MIR4 DRACO and PHP.

Prior to that, familiarize yourself with Draco and how you can obtain it by using your PC and phone to play MIR4.

All you need to know about DRACO In MIR4

Through the Wemix App’s Market, players of MIR4 can exchange DRACO for additional fungible tokens with other users. If you want all of your DRACO to be visible in the Wemix Wallet, you will need to swap part of your DRACO into Darksteel or pay an additional price.

Interestingly, players in MIR4 can only utilize DRACO when they have attained level 40.

Within MIR4,

  • To open the market, tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • By pressing on the “Market” option there, choose “Draco.”
  • Via the NPC Jae Joman of Bicheon Castle, players can enter the Market area.

You will then be able to see Wemix Wallet. Press that refresh button to see how many Dragons you have. Before exchanging Draco in MIR4, make sure your Wemix Wallet is linked to your MIR4 account.

How To Earn DRACO Coin (DT)?

As previously mentioned, players must complete missions and other in-game objectives in order to get DRACO coins in MIR4. Once you have enough coins, you can use them to purchase in-game things and improve your talents by exchanging them for other currencies like PHP and USD.

Smelting the Darksteel that players have collected during gameplay and doing in-game tasks can yield a significant quantity of DRACO coins.

How to convert MIR4 DRACO to PHP?

The player could convert DRACO into local currency in MIR4 if they possessed enough of it. The automated swap will take place as soon as PHP reaches that threshold or even lower. DRACO can exchange his in-game DRACO points for PHP by using these NFTs. Our ability to recognize the globe, carry out basic transactions, and appreciate our worth on a worldwide basis has all improved thanks to these cryptocurrencies.

The same objective of easing cross-border transactions is the source of daily changes and new efforts. Even if a lot of NFT gamers have already spent all of their game-earned coins, the majority convert them to PHP, especially depending on where they reside.

To convert 1 DT (Draco) to other currencies, you have to use the Wallet Investor converter.

MIR4 DRACO To PHP Exchange Rate – November 28, 2023

In the current scenario, everyone is apprehensive about the price of various cryptocurrencies. These folks are growing and making daily larger investments. As a result, DRACO gets requests for PHP often. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below is the latest recent Draco to PHP conversion chart:

DRACO [DT Token]PHP [Philippine Peso]
1 DRACO0.0816
5 DRACO0.408
10 DRACO0.816
25 DRACO2.04
50 DRACO4.08
100 DRACO8.16
500 DRACO40.8
1000 DRACO81.6
5000 DRACO408
10000 DRACO816
50000 DRACO4080

MIR4, an MMORPG, was one of the first well-known NFT games to be made available for players to play for real money. Using DRACO, the primary payment method in MIR4, is simple if the proper steps are taken. Players can earn money through a variety of activities, and smelting Darksteel can yield a substantial amount of gold.

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