How to Use Chrome Safely on the Internet

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Users of the Chrome browser can use the internet safely thanks to a security feature called “Advanced Safe Browsing.” The Chrome browser will warn the user when they visit dubious or harmful websites if this functionality is activated. In addition, it shields the user from different infections and phishing scams.

When Enhanced Safe Browsing is turned on, Google Chrome verifies a website’s security before visiting it. Furthermore, it retains a variety of user-provided data, including as search history, website URL, downloaded files, browser extensions, etc., in order to provide cybercriminals with more relevant search results. Therefore, using the Chrome browser’s Enhanced Safe Browsing function adds even more security.

The Advanced Safe Browsing protection feature requires that you sign into your Google Account before you can activate it. Next, select the Privacy and Security option in the account settings. The Advanced Safe Browsing function can now be activated by clicking on the Safe Browsing option and choosing Advanced Security.

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