How to Increase Speaker Sound Quality on Nothing Phone 2

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This article will help you boost the Nothing Phone 2’s loudness and enhance its audio quality. The mid-budget range already has a large number of products from various developers. It was therefore always going to be challenging for a relatively new competitor to establish itself in the market.

By contrast, Carl Pie released its latest device and generated a great deal of hype and expectation using the same approach as its previous company. As a result, the gadget caught on with the general public, and many purchasers bought it the very next day.

However, over time, they have seen that the loudness on their gadget has occasionally dropped far below the necessary level and isn’t up to par. If you feel the same way, here’s a terrific way to boost the volume and quality of the music on your Nothing Phone 2. Thus, to improve the speaker sound quality on the Nothing Phone 2, adhere to following instructions.

How to Improve Sound Quality on Nothing Phone 2

If you want to enhance the sound quality of your headphones or earbuds, you should connect them to your device before following the procedures below.

  • Install Wavelet after downloading it from the Play Store.
  • Start it up, then press the settings symbol in the lower left corner.
  • Legacy Mode is now ready to be enabled. Next, turn on Graphics Equalizer.
  • Tap on the Graphics Equalizer to make it even larger.
  • Tap on the graph once it is configured as shown.
  • After making all the necessary adjustments, click OK to preserve the changes and proceed to review them.

As you can see, these are the procedures for raising the Nothing Phone 2’s volume and enhancing its audio quality. But in the end, everything comes down to personal taste, so feel free to play about with these settings until you find what suits you best.

Additional Tricks Using Which You Can Easily Speaker Sound Louder on Nothing Phone 2:

So, here are some methods using which you can easily make your Nothing Phone 2 speaker louder:

#1. Make Sure Your Smartphone is Oriented Correctly

You run the risk of unintentionally blocking your speaker if you are holding it or placing it on a surface. Verify that the phone’s cover isn’t obstructing the audio.

Turn the device 360 degrees to discover the location where the speaker is not obstructed in order to determine the optimal sounding spot. The size of the room, outside noises, and type of music are additional variables that affect sound intensity.

Your hand will reflect the sound waves released by the speaker, amplifying the volume of the song. To make more noise, you may even try cupping your palm around the speaker. If you place the smartphone inside a bowl with the speaker facing down rather than cupped, you can increase the volume.

#2. Louden Your Speaker With a Third-Party Application

You can simply boost the sound output over your device’s original volume by using any third-party application, such “Volume Booster,” to increase the volume of the sound on your Android device. When your smartphone is linked to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or an audio cable-connected speaker, you can utilize the app.

#3. Brush The Dirt And Increase The Volume

When we use our phones in dusty environments, it is normal for small particles to collect on the speaker. As a result, the sound from our gadgets might not be of the highest quality.

Dust off any accumulated dust on your speaker using a fine brush to enhance the quality of the music it produces. By doing this, you might be able to get the sound on your device back. If you are unable to clean your gadget yourself, you can always take it to a service center. The cost of this service is not too high.

#4. Using Equalizer to Make Speaker Sound Louder

These days, the majority of the music we listen to comes from cloud music services like Saavn, Spotify, etc. There is a parameter in each of these apps that controls the output audio quality. You can choose from a variety of preset equalizers using Saavn and then test which one produces the loudest sound.

That concludes our guide to turning up the volume on the Nothing Phone 2. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you. Please leave a remark below if you require any additional information.

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