How to Fix Pixelated Images (100% Works)

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Let’s discuss the primary causes of this mess before attempting to restore the pixelated visuals.

  • The primary cause of image pixelation is picture resizing. The likelihood of bitmaps showing up on the screen rises when you enlarge a small photo without adjusting its resolution. Your images will become clearer as a result.
  • The quality of the scanner may cause unclear images when scanning your photos.
  • Blur or pixelation may also appear in your images due to camera or human mistake.
  • Pixelation may occur while using incompatible software or apps to open the photos.

Tips for Preventing Pixelation

By performing the appropriate actions, you can stop pixelation.Here is a list of some suggestions to assist you stay away from pixelation.

  • Try avoiding the high ISO setting on the camera

You must make sure that your camera’s ISO settings are low before capturing the photos. An increased ISO level may result in hazy and indistinct photos.

  • Avoid taking low-resolution images

Avoiding taking or saving low-resolution photos would be beneficial since, even though they appear great on your computer, they will not print well.

  • Steady your camera

One of the most frequent causes of pixelated photos is camera shake. Therefore, in order to minimize any difficulty, you must stabilize the camera before taking the images.

  • Focus focus focus

Make sure the topic is the center of attention as you take the pictures. Your inability to concentrate on the topic at hand may be the root of your problem.

Quickest Way to Fix Pixelated Images

  • How to Make a Picture Less Pixelated in HitPaw Photo Enhancer

It’s harder to fix the pixelated photographs than most of you would have imagined. searching for a dependable tool to repair the pixelated images without compromising the overall quality of the images.

Luckily, HitPaw Photo Enhancer has become one of the most effective methods for recovering pixelated images.

With the help of this special program, you can make grainy old images pop and become conversation starters. HitPaw Photo Enhancer will automatically repair the pixelated photo because it uses AI-powered technology.


  • enables you to improve picture resolution and quality with only one click.
  • With just one click, it assists you in fixing pixelated photographs.
  • Upscale and enlarge photos without sacrificing their resolution.
  • It enables you to simultaneously repair the pixelation of several photos.
  • provides a basic user interface

How can I use HitPaw Photo Enhancer to restore pixelated pictures? This is the manual.

Step 1:

Visit HitPaw Photo Enhancer’s official website to download and install the program. Additionally, you can use HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer.

Launch the program after that to continue.

Step 2:

To import the pictures you wish to depixelate, tap on the “Choose Images” button. HitPaw Photo Enhancer allows you to import photos in four different photo formats: PNG, JPEG, JPG, and Webp.

Step 3:

You need to choose the best AI model from the four that HitPaw Photo Enhancer offers since your goal is to restore the pixelated photographs.

Step 4:

Click the Preview icon to see the changes, and click the Download symbol to download the photographs.

  • How to Pixelate an Image in Photoshop

Examining Photoshop is another method for repairing the distorted photos. This amazing picture editing application not only lets you do amazing editing effects on your images, but it also makes it possible to get rid of pixelation.

Photoshop adjusts the fragmented photos in a matter of seconds. Photoshop’s interface may need to be updated for novice users because of its many sophisticated and professional capabilities. However, with some prior understanding, using Photoshop becomes feasible.

This is how to restore clarity to a pixelated image.

Step 1:

Open Photoshop on your computer and import the picture that you want the pixels removed from. You must select the Filter and Blur option after uploading the photo to Photoshop’s main interface.

Step 2:

You must follow the slider to determine the allowable range after choosing the Gaussian Blur. Click the “OK” icon after that.

Step 3:

Select Unsharp by tapping on the Filter and Sharpen icons.You may now use the slider to change the acceptable level. After that, click the OK icon to save your picture.

  • How to Fix a Pixelated Image Online 

In addition to utilizing the software, you can visit a website like to correct the pixelated photographs. You don’t get the impression that it’s an internet tool.

Rather, this amazing web application offers exceptional functionalities that enable you to eliminate pixels from pictures without compromising the image’s quality.

To learn how to pixelate an image, refer to the instructions below.

Step 1:

Navigate to the official website of the Pixelied and click on the ” Upload Your Image” icon.

Step 2:

After uploading the photo, tap the Pixelete icon and select the appropriate level.

Step 3:

Once you’re done fixing the pixelated image, you’ll need to tap on the Download icon.


The quality and intent of creating pixelated images can both be impacted. In this post, we’ve compiled an incredible array of techniques for fixing pixelated images.In addition to introducing Photoshop, we have made available the web utility for repairing pixelated images. Choosing the HitPaw Photo Enhancer is the most efficient and dependable method to fix pixelated pictures.

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