How to Solve the Ihen-e Shrine Puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Situated in Mipha’s Court of the Lanayru Great Spring region, the Ihen-e Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is situated on Mount Ploymus. The “Midair Perch” problem, found at this shrine, is a challenging one that calls for quick thinking and inventiveness to solve. You can successfully navigate your way to the temple and solve its problems with the aid of this guide.

Exploring the Ihen-e Shrine

You must travel to the summit of Plomus Mountain, west of Tal Tal Peak in Zora’s Domain, east of East Reservoir Lake, and north of East Reservoir Lake in order to locate the Ihen-e Shrine. The shrine is located in Mipha Court; to get there, start at the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and follow the torch-marked path.

A heap of mud blocks the shrine’s entry, but it can be dislodged by aiming an arrow connected to the Splash Fruit at it. The green glowing symbol indicating the temple entrance will become visible once the muck has been removed.

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Navigating the Ihen-e Shrine Puzzle

Inside the shrine, the “Midair Perch” puzzle needs you to manipulate multiple floating platforms in order to cross gaps and ascend onto the platforms. This is a methodical approach to resolving it:

  1. Once inside the shrine, set up the floating platform as a stairway with the Ultrahand to reach the higher level at the rear. As an alternative, climbing can be used to ascend a floating platform and proceed to the next area.
  2. You will encounter a gap with a big metal grating and a Zonai stone square in the next chamber. To make a bridge, activate the Zonai Charge on the stone square, set it in the opening, and then place the grating on top.
  3. Move through the opening and past the Zonai-charged stone and metal grating to enter the room via this homemade bridge.
  4. To get to a higher platform, construct another bridge at an angle using the stone and grating. Use your glider to close the distance if needed.
  5. You will find a chest with five arrows in the next room, which is located on the left side of the platform. Make a ladder out of the floating squares to get to it.
  6. You now have a large space to cross with a ball. To make a moving bridge, use three stones, and to carry the ball, use a fourth stone.
  7. In the ditch next to the rock face, arrange two joined squares and a third detached stone beside them. Using the Ultrahand, attach the ball to the fourth stone and push it into the opening.
  8. After clearing the first two squares, clear the third one. To finish the bridge and get to the opposite side, advance the squares.
  9. After crossing, pick up the ball with Ultrahand and drop it into the floor’s circular slot. By doing this, the door at the far end of the space will open.
  10. To finish the shrine and obtain the Blessing of Light, proceed into the chamber located beyond the gate and scrutinise the sigil.

We sincerely hope that this guide will be useful to you as you play Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I wish you luck and a fun time exploring Hyrule!

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