Forza Horizon 5: List of All 30 Apex Predators Boards

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The popularity of Forza Horizon 5 has increased over time. Absurd features have been added to the fifth Horizon title, which is also the 20th iteration in the Forza series. Whether we discuss the gameplay, graphics, or game mechanics, we witness some excellent improvements in each of these areas. However, that’s not the only factor contributing to Forza Horizon 5’s success; in fact, the game’s enormous bonuses are what draw in a lot of gamers. You heard correctly. In addition to its abundance of activities and valuables, Forza Horizon 5 features 30 bonus boards spread around its brand-new landscape.

After selecting the Apex Predator squad, these promotional boards—also referred to as Apex Predator boards—become available. Two batches are created from the thirty boards. The map displays the first 15 batches of Apex Predator boards, which can be found. Level 4 unlocks the following batch of boards. The bonus money you receive for breaking through each board is the nicest part. They all undoubtedly give varying bonus amounts. Eventually, the hardest boards to find are the ones with the biggest bonus sum. So don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We will examine the locations and methods for locating each of the 30 Apex Predator Boards today.

Forza Horizon 5: List of All 30 Apex Predators Boards

Forza Horizon 5’s HotWheels expansion gives you numerous chances to win gorgeous prizes. And you can only accomplish all of this if you manage to destroy the in-game promotional Apex Predator boards. Even though it may seem easy, finding these forums can often be a challenge.

All your hard work will pay off, though, because many of these boards offer 5000 XP bonuses for crossing them. If you’re already familiar with Forza Horizon, you probably already know how much it’s really worth. Thankfully, since we will be delving deeply into each of these boards, you won’t need to search elsewhere for these spots.

1. Board 1

The first board itself gives you 5000 XP, which is the best. The board is situated on a building site east of Lost Jardines. To get there, you’ll need to know a few tricks. Here are some tips to help you nail it and claim all those points—it might take a few tries.

First and foremost, choose a vehicle with strong off-road capabilities. Recall that you will be depending more on your acceleration and off-road skills than on your top speed for this mission, so make an informed decision. You can choose between an S1 or S2 vehicle. Additionally, if you’ve progressed far in the game, pick up the Racing Puma Forza Horizon 1999; it will undoubtedly obtain the job done.

After locating the automobile and settling down, drive a short way back into the trees to gain some space directly across from the board. Now speed up and make use of that dirt mound to get to the board. Remember that it will take some attempts, so please be patient.

2. Board 2

The following board is situated slightly next to the previous board and offers a 5000 XP boost once more. This Apex Predator board is located atop a greenhouse close to the Los Jardines Landmark. This one is quite simple to smash in comparison to the previous one.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this board cannot be attempted until the Horizon Rush Outpost has been unlocked. Your open-world game will include a couple additional ramps after you unlock it; you must choose the one that exactly like the picture below.

When you arrive, land on top of the greenhouse using the nearest stunt point. That’s all; at this point, hitting the board is simple and will add an additional 5,000 XP to your total. To finish, just choose an S1 or S2 vehicle and make effective use of the rewind button.

3. Board 3

You get to destroy yet another 5000 XP board as a member of the Apex Predator squad. To get to this board, there is considerable danger involved, just like with the other two.

First of all, the location is in a cave that appears sufficiently dark and eerie. You can opt to enter through the hole in the wall or you can just wish to be dropped from above. You have to walk a short distance after entering the cave before you can see the Apex Predator board in front of you.

4. Board 4

We have another Apex Predator board with 5,000 XP. This one is located in the back hall, near an old ruin. To break this board, you must travel all the way to the bottom floor after you arrive at the spot.

5. Board 5

There are many things to uncover hidden in waterfalls. Our next promotional board is suddenly obscured by a waterfall. Even if finding the spot might not be easy at first, the effort will be worthwhile in the end.

6. Board 6

The following 5000 XP board is situated atop a structure. And there’s a dirt ledge behind the structure that’s the only place to crush it. Similar to the first board, you’ll need an off-road capable automobile for this one as well. Just hop up onto the soil, backtrack a little ways into the woods to pick up some speed, then launch yourself onto the structure.

Make a right now to shatter the board with good acceleration and gain an additional 5,000 XP.

7. Board 7

One of the trickiest jobs is to reach the next board, which is once more perched atop a rock pillar. Once more, to complete the task, you will need a car with strong off-roading and acceleration.

The first thing you have to do is reach the nearby ledge of rock. Make a small backward turn to give the jump some space. To get your next 5000 XPs, use the rewind button, jump off the cliff, and shatter that board.

Recall that this is one of the most common jumps in the game, thus completing it in a single attempt is unlikely. It takes some trial and error to develop the ideal decision to make the precise jump.

8. Board 8

Our eighth five-k XP board is currently situated atop a small building’s roof once more. It is located in a remote area that will evoke memories of a village. There are steep hills behind the building, and landing on the roof can only be accomplished via this route.

All that has to be done is drive to the very top of the cliff and dive straight up to the building’s roof. After then, you can break the board and get some more experience points. Take note that this dive is easier than the others because it is a straight dive. Simply have the rewind button ready, and if not right away, a few tries will get you there.

9. Board 9

This Apex Predator board is located atop an abandoned, ancient house. Although the landscape appears simple, it is serene. Utilising the hills behind the home will allow you to get onto the rooftop and shatter the board.

When you reach the top of the hills, angle the automobile correctly and back up into the woods to make a long jump. While the jump itself isn’t particularly high, most individuals struggle to find the ideal angle. I hope the picture below helps you visualise.

Make sure the vehicle you choose has strong handling and fast acceleration. This is one of those locations where you will undoubtedly need a little more speed.

10. Board 10

Since you have already exerted a great deal of effort to crush these boards, allow us to provide the next 5k XP board, which is essentially an added benefit for you. This is because, in contrast to the others, the Apex Predator board comes with a substantial bonus, and it’s quite simple to find and crush because it’s out in the open.

When you arrive at the spot, it will be there in front of you. Strike the board hard to earn extra experience points.

11. Board 11

Next, atop this little yellow house is another highly-offering Apex Predator board. Finding the spot might not be that difficult, but it will take some attempts before you hit it.

You will require additional speed, so choose your vehicle wisely. Proceed all the way to the road’s incline on the other side. Move quickly towards the yellow home as soon as you’re prepared for the hit and have your sights fixed on the board.

12. Board 12

This board undoubtedly rests atop a massive pillar wreck that supports a bridge. To hit that board, you will need to be really precise because the placement is quite demanding.

Invest in a vehicle with strong acceleration and off-road capabilities, like the Ford Racing Puma Forza edition 1999. As in the picture below, ascend the hill at a similar angle. Now, concentrate on your off-roading and acceleration abilities to make the precise jump and land in the right spot.

13. Board 13

If you’re sick of climbing slopes and breaking boards, the following spot will make you want to hold your breath and stay a little while longer. Perched atop the highest point in the entire map is our next board.

You don’t have to worry about striking the board after you’ve reached the top. While the board waits in front of you, just take in the scenery.

14. Board 14

You can find this promotional board for Apex Predator near the edge of a cliff. You would undoubtedly have to take some chances to travel all the way to this place. However, that is ultimately what makes this game intriguing. Eventually, the extra experience points make the trip worthwhile.

15. Board 15

Forza Horizon 5 is an easy win on the following board. It is located at the top of a little incline. Apply some acceleration, then crush the board to earn experience points.

16. Board 16

Let’s shift our position and head for the beaches in search of the next board. Upon closer inspection, hitting the board may initially appear to be a challenging task.

To keep things simple, though, grab an off-road vehicle and drive down to a certain distance on the sand. Now, aim straight ahead from the tower and accelerate your forward motion. You will eventually land exactly where the board is since it will automatically slow you down at some time.

17. Board 17

Once you have finished shattering the previous board, continue driving to the southwest point along the same beach. It will take some time to get there, but once you do, you’ll feel good about destroying this one.

18. Board 18

We’ve arrived at one of the trickiest spots on our map after a few enjoyable trips down the shore. To be honest, you will actually cry in front of this board before you can even attempt to break it.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful advice to help you get there. To begin with, the board is located on a resort’s rooftop and is surrounded by tall walls on all sides. Thus, be sure to purchase a vehicle with excellent off-road capabilities and adequate acceleration. Handling and speed shouldn’t really matter in this situation.

Proceed to this point or back a few steps after you have the appropriate vehicle. To get as fast as you can, accelerate as much as you can. Eventually, the walls that are keeping you from reaching the rooftop will come into view. It may therefore require several tries until you finally nail the angle and speed, at which time you will be able to claim all of those points for yourself.

19. Board 19

If accessing the resort’s rooftop was an ordeal, this one is situated in an even more peculiar spot. Indeed, the next board on this list is situated on a certain resort room’s balcony. Of course, it seems nearly impossible to travel there all the way.

To land where you want to, you must utilise the PR Stunt ramp to its full potential. However, once more, you must have unlocked the Horizon Rush Outpost in order to obtain this ramp.

To go to the location shown in the picture, you’ll need a car that can accelerate quickly and travel off-road. You will now be next to the Apex Predator board if you pick up some speed and accelerate all the way to the ramp.

20. Board 20

You will need a man’s courage to take enough risks on the following board in order to earn an additional 5,000 XPs. The board is perched atop the rooftop of a tiny house with enormous structures looming on either side. You can approach this location from a number of different directions, but I advise you to descend all the way to the hill.

First, purchase a high-accelerating off-road vehicle. Once you reach the bottom of the slope, drive at an angle that resembles the picture.

Now, try to hit the tower to halt your momentum before you take over the area. You will land on the rooftop next to the board after hitting the tower.

21. Board 21

How about something even more audacious, in case all of these weren’t sufficient? The next board, which is perched atop an aeroplane wing, is a perfect fit for this statement. It’s right beside you, but it’s entirely up to you how you get to it.

To locate the aircraft, navigate to the primary horizon outpost. Look around you to see if you can find a method to land on the plane wing.

22. Board 22

What would you say about this if the prior ones felt tough? This board is not sitting or waiting for you; instead, it is suspended from an electric tower. And for most players, there’s a lot of uncertainty about how you get there.

In this situation, driving won’t get you anywhere, so let’s attempt flying and do our first air smash in Forza Horizon 5. Therefore, obtain a good off-road vehicle with enough of power and acceleration before you even attempt it. The slopes will work to our advantage.

To obtain a precise angle to strike the board, drive all the way to this point. Now, perform a successful leap by accelerating through the slope at this angle and destroying the hanging board with all of your car’s potential.

23. Board 23

Well, this 5,000 XP will provide you some breathing room after a difficult period worth enormous rewards. This board is simple to strike while standing atop some boxes, especially considering how well you’ve done in previous difficult tasks.

To break the board, all you have to do is drive quickly through the ramp and make the jump. You’ll finish this one quickly, I’m sure.

24. Board 24

This time, our next 5k XP Apex Predator board is situated once more atop a building. Just obtain a car that can handle some off-roading and climb the slope at an angle that is comparable to this.

You will now land on the building’s rooftop as you accelerate all the way to make a jump. As you crush that board, get even more acceleration and make sure to create a spectacle.

25. Board 25

The next board is waiting for you in the middle of muddy, wet soil, on a collapsed building. Until you have a car with good off-road handling and capability, hitting the board isn’t a big concern.

Place yourself so that you can see the dirt ramp directly in front of you. Now just speed up to the maximum and scream as you destroy the final 5000 XP board on this list.

And that’s all there is to it about the Apex Predator boards—where and how to purchase them. Hold on, if you’re thinking that there were really thirty boards and we’ve only seen twenty-five of them. We have talked about the ones that offer the most additional XPs and the ones that are difficult to find and defeat.

If you’ve previously finished these, I promise the other ones will be easy for you to complete. We’ve included a list of all the sites for the promotional boards below. Examine it, and you ought to locate them with ease while travelling.

Locations of all 30 Apex Predator Boards

  • Location: Joya Marron – 1 board
  • Location: La Presa – 1 board
  • Location: Pueblo Artza – 1 board
  • Location: Tres Colinas – 1 board
  • Location: Cascada Fuerte – 1 board
  • Location: Lago Azulado – 2 board
  • Location: Tierras Verdes – 2 board
  • Location: Devil’s Pass – 3 board
  • Location: Orogrande – 4 board
  • Location: Valle de Foraneous – 4 board
  • Location: Senda De Montanana – 4 board
  • Location: Valle De Pozas- 6 board


That concludes the comprehensive rundown of all 30 Apex Predator boards in Forza Horizon 5. These boards merely serve as inspiration for you to take an engaging trip and learn new strategies for earning a tonne of experience points. But keep in mind that the majority of these places require a car with strong off-road capabilities and acceleration.

So, go for something with comparable stats throughout the board, such as the Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition 1999. Above all, you will require a great deal of patience to break through all 30 of the game’s boards. Thus, keep going in the middle and concentrate on achieving the ideal angle and pace.

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