For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List

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We have The King 2 Best Classes Tier List in this article. Although there are other classes in the game, these are the top four that we recommend you use to finish every level. Popular cooperative strategy role-playing game The King 2 offers a range of character classes, each with special skills and advantages. The game’s first narrative takes place in the realm of Fahrul and centres on Queen Rosomon, who succeeded King Bronner on the throne.

You can take on the role of one of the four heroes in the game, each of whom has the mission of putting an end to Roscommon’s evil plan and restoring peace to the kingdom. Selecting the appropriate class before setting out on an adventure can have a big impact on how well a player does in tasks and combat. These lists give players a hierarchical view of their class strengths by grouping classes into distinct tiers, such as S, A, B, and C.

Knowing the subtle differences between each class can mean the difference between success and failure in this dynamic world filled with difficult tasks and strong opponents. Many sites have created tier lists, which order classes according to their usefulness and adaptability, to help players make well-informed choices.

For The King 2 Best Classes Tier List

The popular role-playing game with a turn-based strategy is called For the King 2. These tier lists serve as useful guides whether you’ve been playing For The King 2 for a long or are just getting started. It’s easy for you to play the game well because they teach you which courses are the greatest. These lists are useful resources to help you become a better player of For The King 2, regardless of experience level.


If you’re new to the game, this is the greatest starting class because it has all the features you need and can move quickly, which assists you in fast-paced battle and exploration. The Hunter class contains a variety of characters, but the two most useful ones to use are Elite Ambush and Elite Sneak, each of whom has unique powers.

The Elite slip will slip past your adversaries while you explore the world, but the Elite Ambush is superior at ambushing and isolating the enemies more easily, allowing you to engage with one enemy at a time. Called Shot is a special ability available to Hunter class members that allows them to roll their bow perfectly. When you experience a negative status impact, this comes in quite handy. In order to use a skill during a battle situation, the Hunter also has an energy boost.

Regarding equipment, the bow is the ideal choice for a hunter since it gives you the opportunity to employ the Called Shot ability. Additional equipment that raises awareness, crit chances, and speed is also available. For your strike, you can also utilise the Hunter speed.


With a unique ability to find herbs, it is deserving of its position as the second greatest class in the game. You can obtain any herb while exploring the overworld when your turn is about to expire. These free herbs are quite potent and can help you keep your supplies refilled. It also has a unique ability called party heal, which lets you partially heal your friends during fight.

The Herbalist is the best support character in the game, and to maximise their damage output, you should equip them with wands and staves.


Because of its amazing Steadfast ability, the Blacksmith is a task unto itself. Blacksmith can use this skill to use a shield to neutralise all damage. Even though it’s strong and luck-based, using this should be done with a shield.

The Blacksmith’s weapon is best used one-handed since it is quite strong and has superior attack power. In the event that you want to employ the Steadfast, it should also have a shield. The Blacksmith is your team’s first line of defence, therefore while you carry this, you should load up on healing supplies.


Fourth on our tier list, the Scholar is the magic-based class that functions similarly to the Herbalist. Although it lacks support skills, it does have a unique ability called Refocus that allows it to try to restore focus at the conclusion of the turn. Refocus is an effective technique, but you need know just when to utilise it.

This class also grants you the ability to Find Scroll, which functions similarly to the Herbalist’s ability to Find Herb. You should be the owner of the staves or wands for the weapons or equipment. This raises the intellect and resistance of scholars.


This concludes our look at The King 2 Best Classes Tier List guide. You can select from a variety of characters in the game by selecting your class. Based on their abilities, we have ranked them. It is important that you use the tools and weapons that are suggested for your class. I hope this post has been useful to you in determining which game class is the best.

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