Fix: How to Activate SonyLIV on Smart TV | SonyLIV. Com/Activate Enter Code

Here’s how to activate Sony LIV on your smart TV using – SonyLiv’s channel for your smart TV can be activated by entering a code. The code input is a four-digit number that can be used to access Sonyliv. It is an infinite pleasure to communicate. Sign in to device/activate and learn how to use it.

You can convert your SonyLIV into a smart TV and Android device by reading the following article. Sony Liv Premium allows you to watch Hollywood films, English movies, live television, live sports, and Internet Originals HD without interruptions. is the best place to sign up for Sony Live on desktops and mobile devices.

Fix: How to Activate SonyLIV on Smart TV | SonyLIV. Com/Activate Enter Code 1

What is Sony Liv?

There are millions of users in the world who are downloading Sony Liv because it offers a wide variety of television shows and live sports streams. It has also gained so much popularity because Sony liv provides many shows for free, and if you want to watch anything else, you can also subscribe to its premium package. With the application, you can download and travel for free and subscribe to watch exclusive content and skip ads. A low-cost premium package with many offers is offered by Sony liv.

Watchers can access Sonyliv’s live sports streaming, which is its main focus. A variety of sports are available via the application, such as American football, basketball, and wrestling. Furthermore, European sports, such as cricket matches, European qualifications, etc., can be disseminated through the application.

Additionally, Sony liv provides many more items, such as drama series that are popular today and people’s favourite series. There are also many TV shows available on Sony liv.

How to Activate SonyLIV on Smart TV | SonyLIV. Com/Activate Enter Code

With the SonyLiv app installed on your Android Smart TV or TV stick, you can watch Sony movies and TV shows. It only requires a good Google account and a stable internet connection. Here are all the steps we need to follow to install the software.

  • On your Android Smart TV, locate the Google Play Store app. It will be displayed on the home interface.
  • Next, enter SonyLiv into it. You will then be connected to the SonyLiv Playstore. Select install now.
  • Then, open the app and log in. When you sign up for the app for the first time, you’ll need to provide your mobile number.
  • It is also possible that you will be asked for another code to sign in. You will need to sign in using the mobile number that came with your SonyLiv subscription.
  • When you sign in successfully, you will have the option to choose a subscription plan.
  • Now that you’ve selected your preferred plan, you can enjoy watching your favourite shows and sporting events on your Android Smart TV using the SonyLiv app.

Now that you’ve completed all these steps, you can easily install and activate SonyLiv on your Android TV stick or smart TV.

How to stream SonyLIV on Sony LIV Android Devices?

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Select the Search icon.
  • You can find the SonyLIV app by searching for it.
  • Choose the app.
  • Select the Install option.
  • Launch the SonyLIV app. 
  • Select Sign-in from the menu.
  • On your TV screen, you should now see an activation code.
  • You will need to copy the activation code.
  • You can visit by using a web browser on a desktop or a mobile device.
  • You will now need to enter your email address and phone number associated with your account.
  • Select Continue.

Steps To Activate the SonyLiv app on Apple TV:

It is similar to the Android TV installation and activation procedure described above for the SonyLIV application. Here are all the steps we need to follow.

  • Go to Apple TV’s home screen and select Apps.
  • After that, click the Get button under the Entertainment section to download SonyLiv.
  • Once you have successfully installed SonyLIV, you can log in using your credentials.
  • After selecting your preferred subscription, you will see the Activation menu; you need to sign in successfully to proceed. Next, a SonyLiv activation code must be generated.
  • Using your Apple TV keyboard, enter that and confirm.
  • To access SonyLIV on your smartphone or computer, go to the SonyLIV website. You can authenticate your TV account after successfully signing in by going to the drop-down menu.
  • Apple TV can also be used to cast the app’s content if you are using an iPad or an iPhone.

SonyLiv will be activated and installed on your Apple TV if you follow these steps.

Steps to Chromecast the SonyLiv app on your Smart TV:

With the SonyLiv app, you can also cast and stream content on any device that supports Chromecast. To accomplish this, please follow these instructions.

  • Once you have opened Chromecast’s home page, click Settings. Once you have authenticated that your Chromecast device and phone are connected to the same WiFi network, you can configure your Chromecast device.
  • From the Google Play Store, download the SonyLiv app for your smartphone.
  • Now, select Cast Screen in the Google Home app.
  • Make sure that your Chromecast device is selected from the list of compatible devices.
  • Upon successfully linking the devices, launch the SonyLiv app on your phone.
  • With the new Chromecast-compatible devices, you can watch videos or live shows from Sony LIV on your TV.

So, that’s how to activate SonyLIV on your smart TV using We hope that this guide has helped you. Furthermore, in case you need more help, comment below and let us know. 


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