Download Latest Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update (APK v1.0.02.6)

Update 05 July 2022: We have added the latest download links for Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update APK v1.0.02.6 compatible with all Android devices. The stock camera app provided in the Samsung Galaxy phones is good for the point and shoot photography for the normal people, but when you are crazy for photography, you will find this app is not enough for your needs. Therefore, Samsung has released another camera application.

Photography is an ART, and to give that art life, you need a good camera and a photographer. Nowadays, Mobile cameras are way too good; at some point, they are even better than entry-level SLR cameras. But sometimes, the stock camera app provided by the mobile phone companies is not enough to capture the best out of them.

The EXPERT RAW camera app gives you a wider dynamic range to capture, a lot more from dark areas to bright areas, in a single photo. This app also enhances the low light photography, which is high in demand these days. This app also comes with manual controls of ISO, Shutter, and Focus too.

Download Latest Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update (APK v1.0.02.6) 1

Download Latest Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update (APK v1.0.02.6)

Samsung has launched the new v1.0.02.6 update of its Expert Raw camera app. This new update is bringing exciting features to photography lovers. This update gives users some extra control over the camera of the device.

This update also fixed some bugs and has introduced the High – Efficiency Raw image format that reduces the amount of storage required for storing these photos. Below is a slight comparison of the stock camera app vs the Samsung Expert RAW camera app. You will feel the difference yourself.

Download Latest Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update (APK v1.0.02.6) 2

Here is what is new in the Samsung Expert RAW camera app version –

  • Updated on the supported models like Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • High-Efficiency RAW image for taking less storage space
  • Various Scenes added with improved image quality.
  • Faster Process time for the Low Light Photography
  • Few bugs are removed and fixed

Expert Raw Camera Addon Features

The Expert RAW offers a wider dynamic range and various additional features that enable brighter and clearer photos even in dark and low light conditions. It lets you manually operate the camera parameter like ISO, Shutter speed, EV, Focusing and white balance, etc. allowing the user to get what they exactly want from their smartphones.

Photographs are saved in JPEG and RAW formats, too which can be edited with the software that supports the DNG later, for maximum control over the picture.

Download Samsung Expert RAW Camera APK v1.0.02.6

This is not a very heavy application as its actual size is only 49.39MB. Here is how you can download and install the Samsung Galaxy Expert RAW on your smartphone.

Download Latest Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update (APK v1.0.02.6) 3

Download Samsung Expert RAW Camera APK v1.0.02.6

  1. Download the Expert RAW App. Once downloaded, tap on the APK file.
  2. Your Android smartphone will pop up a window for permission of installs from different sources.
  3. Tap on Allow option. The application will be installed successfully.


Everyone wants their phone to have the best cameras, and these days smartphones have amazing camera hardware, but for taking a good photo, you must have good control over the software part too. The latest Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update v1.0.02.6 lets you use the full use of the camera hardware your phone has.


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