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Are you trying to find a Warzone VPN for your PC or PS5? After reading this post, if the response is in the affirmative, you can now use the best VPN for Warzone simple lobbies. Some of the top Warzone VPNs are listed here, including LagoFast – No Lag Warzone VPN 2023. So without further ado, let’s begin using the guide.

Why did we need to use a VPN while playing Warzone?

Activision and Infinity Ward have never formally acknowledged Warzone’s usage of SBMM, but it is obvious. This is particularly clear for the best players, as they virtually always run into the same famous players and accomplished hackers.

Matchmaking is based on more than simply talent; other considerations include the location and time of day. You may essentially change your location using a Warzone VPN, and you will certainly experience simpler competition if you study your opponent’s skill set.

If you don’t want to disguise your location, you may still use a VPN to speed up your online gaming and prevent network throttling. This issue could arise if your ISP monitors the online behaviour of its users and slows down those who stream, torrent, or play games. Your ISP is unable to track your activities when you use a VPN, thus they are unable to slow you down. Now let’s examine the top VPN for warzone simple lobbies:

#1. ExpressVPN

In 2023, ExpressVPN stands out as the top VPN for Warzone when it comes to speed, dependability, and security. It is the quickest provider you will find, with over 3,000 servers spread across 160 sites worldwide. By using this service, you can acquire better lobbies almost instantly and avoid SBMM!

Furthermore, the provider offers excellent gaming compatibility, and Warzone is a very popular game for Xbox and PS5 consoles (this is the best VPN for Xbox consoles). Apart from this, ExpressVPN fared well against ISP throttling and DDoS attacks.

With 256-bit AES encryption, an automated kill switch, and Trusted Server technology, ExpressVPN thwarts DDoS attacks. IPv6/DNS leak protection will shield you against any privacy-compromising leaks in addition to its performance.

ExpressVPN does not record your IP address or browsing history in addition to encrypting your traffic. ExpressVPN eliminates the need for you to be concerned about Activision and its data harvesting. Additionally, it works with every operating system outside of Windows and game consoles.

Similarly, Warzone Mobile offers native apps for both iOS and Android. In addition, five simultaneous connections can be supported with a single subscription, and Netflix and BBC iPlayer can be unblocked.

ExpressVPN does not have a free version, however it does provide a 49% yearly plan discount in addition to three months of free service. ExpressVPN is a fantastic option for anyone looking for no compromises because it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee without any strings attached.

#2. NordVPN

Because NordVPN runs strong marketing campaigns, you may discover your favourite streamer promoting the service.

It covers all the essential bases in terms of Warzone VPN features:

  • High velocities
  • dependable connections
  • A simple setup procedure
  • Numerous server locations across the globe

In my testing, NordVPN had the fastest connection, which is why gamers should consider it.

Among the many noteworthy features are the superb app compatibility with a broad range of devices, multi-hop server option, and Onion over VPN—which is very safe but not great for gaming. The apps are a little trickier to use than ExpressVPN, but this is important to know if you want a plug-and-play interface.

For console gamers, Nord might not be the greatest choice despite this. It is entirely possible to set up ExpressVPN on a router, even though it is far easier to do so. Still, Nord is a fantastic Warzone VPN with outstanding speeds and streaming capabilities.

#3. Surfshark

Gamers of Warzone will adore this VPN. A Dutch company called Surfshark provides the best value in terms of affordability and speed. Surfshark is the ideal choice if you have a limited budget. Simple monthly rates begin at just $1.99.

The well-known WireGuard protocol excels in speed. While speed losses in Europe can be as little as 6%, they are typically as tiny as 23% in other countries. You will see a 50% reduction if you use other VPN protocols. There’s really nothing to be concerned about here.

Surfshark also has a powerful encryption game. They employ AES-256-GCM, which is essentially the same as the military-grade AES-256, to encrypt the data. Topping it all off is split tunnelling, which protects your data in the event that your connection is unsafe, and a superior kill switch, which protects your data in the event that your connection is unsafe.

That’s not where it ends. Surfshark has more than 3,200 servers spread across 100 countries. That is quite a range of servers and locales, to be fair. You’ll have no trouble finding Warzone simple lobbies in the nation of your choice.

#4. Best VPN for Warzone Bot Lobbies -LagoFast

Without a doubt, the best VPN service for Warzone Bot lobbies is LagoFast! It also independently creates sophisticated game data transmission methods and has over eight years of experience enhancing the in-game experience for players.

You can automatically figure out the best path while playing Warzone. Furthermore, LagoFast just created Easy-lobby especially for the COD series to satisfy gamers’ demands for simple Warzone lobbies.

By using this feature to change your IP address and server location, you may simply access Warzone easy lobbies. In addition to serving as a VPN, LagoFast also fixes lag, increases FPS, and lowers latency. A Pay-per-Minute plan and a free trial are also available.

How to get easy lobbies in Warzone with a VPN 

  1. Install the LagoFast Game Enhancer.
  2. Next, type Warzone into the search field.

3.Now, click on it. Then, click on the Boost button. 

If you prefer to play in easy lobbies, you can easily choose one by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Select an Easy Lobby now.

Just select your server by clicking the Boost button. (You can select from 13 distinct IP addresses, including ones from Chile, Europe, Asia, Australia, India, and other regions.)

6.Warzone easy lobbies also offer better in-game functionality. The real-time packet loss rate and ping appear as follows:

#5. PrivateVPN

Another excellent VPN for Warzone is PrivateVPN. Although there are fewer servers than some providers on this list, the distribution of the servers over 63 countries isn’t as awful. You can locate the ideal VPN location for your requirements, regardless of the location from which you choose to access Warzone. PrivateVPN is a great choice since it offers great security features and quick speeds.

The fact that PrivateVPN does not use the WireGuard protocol does not imply that its speeds are insufficient for Warzone. At least then, you won’t have to worry about slowdowns ruining your enjoyable gaming session.

Additionally, it provides encryption on par with the greatest VPN service providers. You can select from a variety of encryption levels when using PrivateVPN. You have a choice of four distinct encryption cyphers. This is not the same service as other providers. In addition, Private VPN provides a variety of protocols to choose from in order to boost security.

Can You get banned for using a VPN on Warzone?

If a player plans to use a VPN, they may naturally ask this question if they desire Warzone lobbies. Absolutely not! The Call of Duty: Warzone Security and Enforcement policy does not specify that VPNs must be used. VPNs can be used to reduce latency and boost internet speed. Using one won’t result in the suspension of your account.

Furthermore, Activision’s policies do not forbid the use of VPNs or geofencing. It doesn’t purposefully change any game data, including aimbots, wallhacks, trainers, stats, graphics, leaderboards, injectors, etc., on disc or in memory.

Thus, to obtain simple lobbies, these are a few of the top VPNs for Warzone. We hope this collection proves to be useful to you. Tell us more about yourself by leaving a comment below.

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