Beehive Pro 3.3.2 – WordPress Plugin

Beehive Pro 3.3.2 – WordPress Plugin

Download Beehive Pro 3.3.2 – Activate the power of website analysis with this, customizable Google Analytics dashboards, statistics and reports for WordPress and Multisite. Create better content, improve conversions and make more profitable customer sites based on visitor behavior, trends and where traffic comes from.

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The manual configuration of Google Analytics in WordPress adds steps and can be complicated for new users. The easy connection wizard of this is as simple as synchronizing your Google Analytics account and selecting the tracking code for your site.

Quickly analyze the status of the site and the general behavior of the user on your site from the pre-configured statistics panel of this, including graphs, maps, and tables. Choose a time frame and see who is visiting, where they come from, how long they stay and why they could bounce.

It adds a page and publishes specific breakdowns to the editor so you can see exactly how your content performed during the last month. No more bounces between tabs or generic Google reports for customers, It incorporates relevant statistics where you need them.



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