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Are you interested in learning how to utilise a Ouija Board in Demonologist? One of Clock Wizard Games’ horror-themed cooperative games is called Demonologist. The game may be downloaded via Steam and was launched on March 27, 2023. Ouija boards are a common tool among occultists, particularly in the field of demonology. You will learn how to use a Ouija board in Demonologist by following this guide.

What is Ouija Board in Demonologist?

In Demonologist, the Ouija Board is a novel and fascinating means of communication with spirits—more especially, spirits thought to be devils. For many years, people have utilised this physical board game as a way to communicate with any unseen entities that might exist in our universe. The items on the board can be used by players to make contact with, query, or request things from demonic beings.
There is a long history of both interest and fear surrounding the Ouija Board; many people think it can open portals to a different realm. An dramatic and perhaps deadly experience can be had with the Ouija Board, an intriguing tool for people who are interested in the occult.

How to Use Ouija Board in Demonologist?

Ouija Board in Demonologist can be used to locate entities. Nevertheless, since the Ouija Board may provoke, it would be preferable if you employed it as a final resort to find the creature. Here are some pointers for using Demonologist’s Ouija Board:

  • The Ouija Board can be kept nearby and positioned on the floor or wall.
  • With the Ouija Board, the only possible commands are “Are you here?,” “Where are you?,” and “Goodbye.”
    Avoid using the Ouija Board, and be ready with a protective Crucifix in case something unusual occurs.
  • The Hunt has started if the Board is Broken.
  • Make sure you replenish your sanity, as using the Ouija Board continuously could cause you to lose it.
  • Ensure that you bid the entity farewell. If not, it will set off the Hunt and enrage it.

When playing Demonologist, using a Ouija Board can help you locate the creature faster than using your senses alone. However, exercise caution—using a Ouija board can be dangerous and is not advised for those who are weak of heart! When using the Ouija Board in Demonologist, keep your eyes open and your thoughts concentrated. Additionally, you may make sure that your fun doesn’t turn into too much of a horror story by paying attention and using these recommendations. So remember, like anything else, Ouija Boards should only be used sparingly!

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