Ninja Kick 3.0.16 – WordPress Off-Canvas Sliding Panel

Ninja Kick 3.0.16 – WordPress Off-Canvas Sliding Panel

Ninja Kick 3.0.16 Sliding Panel is a premium WordPress plugin that adds a hidden off-canvas sidebar with a push or scroll animation to your WP website. Additional content added to the slider will wait for it to render! You can use this plugin in many ways. For example, add navigation, social feeds, offer a subscription, ads, registration or contact form, shopping cart, etc. 2009 pop-ups too!

There is never enough space in the WordPress sidebar. Imagine having unlimited hidden sidebar areas where you can put whatever your heart desires. Most importantly, your visitors get instant access to your important content, form or offer. Don’t wait for the page to load! Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel saves time for your company to get more customers.

With Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel for WordPress, you can easily create multiple tabs and set display rules to hide or show the tab on an entire page or on a set of pages. Design each tab, control its behavior and finally add your content. The sliding panels accept all kinds of content like html, third-party shortcodes and are available on social media, Google services, etc.

It’s great to combine sliding panels with your favorite free or premium plugins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Mailchimp for WordPress, WP Google Maps, Essential Grid, and others.

Ninja Kick Features:

  • Rich text editor for panel content.
  • Icon Library + install it yourself.
  • 100% responsive.
  • Multiple tabs per site.
  • See the rules for each tab.
  • Use specific tabs as simple links.
  • Different styles of floating buttons.
  • Background, fills, explanatory effects, etc. Panel configuration for.
  • Easy to use setup page.
  • Option to hide the floating label and the activation panel opening from any element on the page. Guide
  • The panel open function can read from the new HTML trigger to paste into the sidebar.

You need to add this HTML data to your page code with the jQuery method as follows:

jQuery ('# unique.nks_cc_trigger_element'). data ('NKS-html', '<div> Hello, when someone clicks this link they will add me to the sidebar </div>')
jQuery ('# other.nks_cc_trigger_element'). data ('NKS-html', generated_HTML_variable)


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