Local Delivery Drivers 1.2.2 NULLED – WooCommerce Premium Plugin

Local Delivery Drivers 1.2.2 NULLED – WooCommerce Premium Plugin

Local Delivery Drivers 1.2.2 Improve the way you deliver, manage drivers, assign drivers to orders, send SMS and email notifications, route planning, navigation, and more.


  • Assign delivery drivers to orders
    Automatically assign delivery drivers
    Automatically assign existing delivery drivers to orders.
  • Batch Assign Delivery Drivers to Orders
    Admin can assign controllers to orders in bulk in admin panel.
  • Drivers can request orders
    Delivery drivers can request orders from the driver dashboard.
  • Mobile friendly dashboard of delivery drivers
    An app-like experience for delivery drivers to manage all deliveries from their mobile devices.
  • Request orders
    Delivery drivers can request orders.
  • Update delivery status
    Delivery drivers can update order statuses such as delivered or failed attempts and leave feedback on orders.
  • Route planning and navigation
    The delivery driver can plan his route and navigate to his destination.
  • Call or send clients
    The delivery driver can easily call the customer or shipping.
  • The route is planned
    Native Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Premium Plugin allows your delivery drivers to plan their routes by distance or manually.
  • Optimize the route based on distance
    Delivery drivers can optimize their route based on distance and take a short route to their destination.
  • Plan the route manually
    Delivery drivers can manually plan their routes to get the best route they want.



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